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November 2020 update for Choir - Members from the Chair:

The result of our on-line AGM unanimously approved the existing committee to carrying on for the 2020/21 season. We would all like to thank you for your confidence in us, and carry on we will!

The sponsored composition. Lloyd is now collaborating with Julia McGuinness (Chester Cathedral Poet-in-Residence) about the libretto for his composition and we await the results in due time, June 2021 at the latest. I am also in the process of finalising details with Stephen Reynolds for him to write a piano piece for us. Stephen will work to the same timescale as Lloyd, delivering his piece by June 2021.

Proposed carol singing in Ellesmere Port. At the committee meeting we discussed the previously proposed idea for a carol singing gathering in the run up to Christmas. Our unanimous decision is that this is not going to be possible, for the very obvious reason of the worsening coronavirus situation; it is a great shame, but inevitable. However, Lloyd has come up with a suggestion which just might appeal to you, to fill this gap in some way.

Lloyd has gained good experience over the last six months of teaching via Zoom and this leads him now to suggest that EPMS might consider a carol singing session via Zoom, in the immediate lead up to Christmas. Lloyd would play the accompaniment for us and we would all be able to sing, from Carols for Choirs, the carols that we all actually know very well. Of course, we would still be singing on our own, unless there is someone else in the house who will join in as well, but it would offer a way for us to have a sing and also to see each other (though sadly not have a big chat together, too difficult to control on Zoom!), after all this time! I do however recognise that it does preclude people who are not internet/Zoom enabled.

Telephone ring-around. You may remember that after the committee carried out a phone ring-around in July, we said that we would do it again towards the end of the year. The committee is going to repeat that ring-around during the first week of December, and the Zoom carols idea is one thing to ask you about. And as before, if you don’t want to be telephoned, please just let us know.

EPMS in Spring. The committee spent some time discussing what happens in January, when our Spring Term would normally be starting. Again, gathering together early in the New Year seems a very unlikely possibility but if a Zoom carol singing goes well, then perhaps we can start to think about a ‘concert piece’, something we are already familiar with, and plan for some Zoom sectional rehearsals. That way, when we do have an opportunity to mount a concert again, however low key, we would be ready with something to sing! Another point for a phone chat….

With all best wishes from the committee.

Marian (EPMS Chair)


4th May 2020

Like so many events, our EPMS concert couldn’t go ahead on 25th April, because our venue was closed. Lots of choir members were very worried about the musicians losing their livelihood. So after some creative thinking, we came up with the idea of a fund-raiser to support the musicians, and our choir members and patrons really rose to the occasion!

A two week fund raising window, ending on the day that would have been our concert had a huge and very positive response from the choir members, and we managed to raise well over £3000 in that short time, an amazing achievement indeed!

This very generous result has meant that EPMS is able to make significant donations to all four of our soloists and all 33 orchestra players. Thank you choir!!

From the orchestra: 

“That is amazing - thank you so much for being so thoughtful as a committee and generous as a choir. It will be very much appreciated, I can assure you…….. I know that this gesture will be remembered and all being well, we can play our socks off for you and work together with a special cordiality in the future.”

Finally, the soloists are currently each working on a little musical interlude for EPMS, with our musical director. These will be available very soon on the EPMS website for you to enjoy.

20th April 2020

One of our soloists, Joanna Harries, has in the meantime sent links to a couple of other songs that she has recorded with friends, with the suggestion that EPMS might like to see them as well:

What will we do when we have no money?

Folksong arranged as a little vocal duet, recorded with Jessica Dandy

Early Stroll Songs

A little song written for me and Peter Facer (cor anglais) by composer Richard Barnard, setting poet Ian McMillan's tweets about his morning walks to music


18th March 2020

EPMS and the Covid-19/Corona virus – Notice of suspension

To all Friends of EPMS

As you can imagine it is with great regret, but at the same time inevitable, that the EPMS Committee has taken the decision earlier this week to suspend all EPMS activity until at least September (assuming of course that by September all has returned to some semblance of normality!)

Our scheduled concert on 25th April will no longer take place along with the talk by David Cummings on Sicily planned for 28th March. If you have already purchased tickets for the concert or talk and you would like a refund, then please drop a note to EPMS News and that will be arranged for you.

All members of EPMS are very disappointed that we have had to take this step, but it is really inevitable, given the current pandemic, which will affect us all in one way or another. So now all we can do is cross our fingers and hope that this appalling situation does not drag on for too long, Hopefully by the beginning of September EPMS can be open for business again.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a supporter of EPMS. Singing is a great activity both in terms of bringing people together and also as uplifting pastime. So it is to be hoped that we will be able to start again before too long!

Please do all you can to keep well, and we look forward to being in touch again with future programme plans before too long.


Marian McCarthy
Chair, EPMS

18th March 2020

PS from EPMS News, Look out for updates on our website, and on our Facebook page.


16th March 2020

EPMS and the Covid-19/Corona virus

We should all be aware by now who is most at risk from this Coronavirus, and how the illness manifests itself. Over this weekend the EPMS committee has been considering the options for our April concert, given the situation with the Coronavirus.

At the rehearsal tomorrow evening there will be a briefing about the whole matter.

The most important consideration for the committee is the health and safety all EPMS members, and indeed our audience.

As I write this note on Sunday afternoon, there is currently no advice that we should not carry on with our usual rehearsals and concert. However, before Monday evening’s rehearsal I would ask you:

·       To evaluate whether your attendance at rehearsal would carry increased risks for you personally (e.g. if you have underlying health conditions) and decide accordingly whether or not to come to rehearsals

·       Not to attend the rehearsal if you have a high temperature or a new, continuous cough; indeed, in line with official advice, for the good of the wider group; you should stay at home for 7 days and follow NHS 111 advice

·       If you have ‘personal protection equipment’, such as hand sanitizer gel, tissues and a plastic bag to contain used tissue, etc., to consider bringing it with you. Facemasks might be a bit difficult if you are singing, but who knows…!

·       As you arrive for the rehearsal, to please follow the precautionary steps which are detailed below and which committee members will advise on as you need:

o       When you arrive at the school, before settling into the hall, use the toilet facilities to wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water

o       Do not shake hands/embrace/kiss (!) anyone as a greeting! Namaste, elbow bump or other non-contact gesture only!!

o       Do not move the chairs which will have been spaced out further apart than usual, in order to maintain some separation between individuals

o       Bring tissues for your own use, for coughs and sneezes, plus a plastic bag to put the used tissues in until you can dispose of them at home.

I am also going to ask Debbie and Sheila not to serve refreshments tomorrow evening as this is a potential point of too much contact! The bottom line is that we want to minimise any risks for everyone during the rehearsal tomorrow evening

And finally I have to tell you that I won’t be at the rehearsal as I returned from skiing in Austria on Saturday morning from a resort that was put into lock-down on Friday night. We were lucky to get out, and though completely well, I do not want to put anyone in any potential risk.

Best wishes and stay well.

Marian McCarthy

Chair, EPMS

6th March 2020

Details and dates of future concerts:

5th Dec 2020, Civic Hall -   Ola Gjeilo: Luminous Night of the Soul
                                         Lauridson: Nocturne No. 3 and possibly
Nocturne No. 1
                                         Chilcott:    Five days that changed the world
                                         Whitacre:  Seal Lullaby
                                         Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on Christmas Carols

12th Dec 2020, Trinity Church - Christmas Carols and Social

17th April 2021, Civic Hall – Spring Concert

2021/22 Season:

11th Dec 2021, Civic Hall – December Concert

18th Dec 2021, Trinity Church - Christmas Carols and Social

9th April 2022, Civic Hall – Spring Concert

2022/23 Season:

10th Dec 2022, Civic Hall – December Concert

17th Dec 2022, Trinity Church - Christmas Carols and Social

22nd April 2023, Civic Hall - EPMS 70th Anniversary Concert


27th February 2020

Click on this link to order music from Maisie for next December 2020 concert: Google Forms

26th February 2020:

Message from Lloyd: As an additional rehearsal aid for the Bruckner Mass, Choir Members might find this link helpful, as you can select your specific voice part to sing along with the music:

6th February 2020:

Click onto for the Bruckner Mass No 1 in D Minor vocal score.